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Part 2: The Squirrel

Part 2: The Squirrel

Dr. Alex Golden is back again with part two of our self identification series to lead up to our five day challenge. In this episode, Dr. Alex talks about understanding our patterns, knowing who we’re being, what we’re thinking, doing and feeling that are keeping us...

The Importance of Alignment

Why You Should Be Reading Katy Says Katy Bowman is a biomechanical genius who blew my mind several months ago.  You know you’ve learned something good when you keep thinking of it every day for months at a time (Paleo is another example of mine!) and Katy Bowman...

D.I.G is born!

This is a blog for all the Earth-loving, Paleo/Primal-eating, alignment-and-health-focused DIY-ers out there.  I’ll be sharing whole food recipes, how I acquire my grub, natural beauty products I make, and things I do to improve my health despite a busy...