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What Our Healthy Hormone Program Graduates Are Saying

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“I found Megan and Alex to help me navigate the burdensome process of figuring out my hormonal and adrenal issues.  I have not looked back once since having found these two women…they are truly amazing.  
I have been through several providers in the past year, and like many of us who deal with hormonal and autoimmune issues, I’ve felt frustrated and ignored.  Enter Megan and Alex.

Not only have they heard me out at every step of this journey, but they have been extremely caring, too! That in itself is a healing tool! Added bonus: All of the educational material on the website is only a click away.  No more “Doctor Google!”

I am confident that the tools and protocol that they have given me will help me heal and have a better appreciation for my body.”



“I always considered myself to be a pretty healthy person because I exercised and had a healthy diet. I knew something was not quite right because I was suffering from gas, acne, low libido and irregular cycles. I joined the healthy hormones group because I was ready to make a positive change in my life but didn’t really know where to start. 

The program was great because it provided structure and easy lifestyle changes that I could build upon week to week. 

Now these practices are a part of my normal routine. Many of my symptoms have improved which only makes me more committed to learning more about my body and how to optimize my health!”



The Healthy Hormone Group gave my health and lifestyle a 360 makeover to the happiest, most energetic and in control I have ever felt since my teenage years. As someone who has struggled for many years with stress, hormone issues, and nutrition, the group format provided me comfort, education and the confidence to make the big changes I needed. After joining the Healthy Hormones Group, I saw small changes in my skin, digestion, and energy but wanted to take a deeper look into my health. Megan & Alex provided tangible evidence through functional diagnostic testing to examine the internal and external symptoms I was experiencing.

Now 8 weeks into the program, I have made a drastic and consistent recovery from chronic adrenal fatigue, and gluten sensitivity.

With help from these ladies I have all the tools to continue improving and maintaining my health for life. “



“I have learned a ton and made progress in several areas as a member of the Healthy Hormones group program. I finally have some energy back and am so grateful!   I first participated in the seasonal detox which I believe set me up for success for the Healthy Hormones group program. I had been on a health journey for a long time, researching, upgrading and seeing practitioners but the functional lab work was the missing piece for me.  I had never found anyone to do that kind of detailed testing and to explain what my results meant.

Because of my progress with my hormone and neurotransmitter protocol, I am finally seeing my thyroid numbers come into a normal range!

Thank you for offering such quick responses in the Facebook group as well as answering our questions on the group calls. I am excited to move on to my gut healing journey!”


OUR Success Stories

Graduates of the Healthy Hormones Group Program Consistently Experience:

  • Weight loss

  • Enhanced energy levels throughout the day

  • More consistent sleeping patterns

  • Improved digestion and regular bowel movements

  • Less acne and more a vibrant skin tone

  • Less anxiety, mood swings, and depression

  • Normalization of painful or irregular periods

  • Central nervous-system regulation

…and much more!

We can’t wait to hear about your positive experiences!

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