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Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Laura Bruner of  Laura is a certified CrossFit trainer and a certified Nutritional Consultant (in addition to being a credentialed English teacher…how cool!) so when I found myself with some questions that related to strenuous and chronic health problems, I couldn’t think of a better person to go to!

The Link Between Strenuous Exercise and Chronic Health Problems

About The Interview

In this interview, we talk about important considerations when it comes to working out when you have chronic health problems such as gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and especially adrenal health problems.  Not only is Laura really knowledgeable about these topics in generally because she deals with these things all the time with clients, but she has personally dealt with these issues which I think makes her especially well-suited to answer questions!

We also talked quite a bit about nutrient dense foods and the importance of eating enough carbohydrates for hormonal health.  It was really interesting to hear her progression from carb limiting to eating freely and the impact it has had on her health and workouts.

Need Help?

If you’re dealing with adrenal health issues and want to the opportunity to learn about it in a group program while still getting individualized labs and customized personal plans, check out this adrenal health program Megan of GingerNewtrition and I are putting together.

Also, if you want to get one-on-one nutrition and health coaching from Laura, she has an amazing practice that you can learn more about by going here. As you can see, she’s incredibly knowledgeable not just about the ins and outs of chronic health issues and exercise, but she’s awesome at bringing it all together in a way that focuses on living your life happily!

The Video

Ok, so without further ado…here’s the interview! Enjoy!


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