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I start off this video tale with a confession: my sugar intake in the past was off the charts. (And it’s still something I work on now. Sweet-tooth McGee right here.)

I spend the first portion of the video talking through the physiologic changes that occur with acute high sugar intake and how those changes stick around with chronic exposure. Spoiler alert: the results aren’t that uplifting…at least it seems that way to me.

But I don’t believe in just focusing on the scary stuff based on choices we might have made in the past or maybe even make currently on our off days. What’s the point of talking about it if we aren’t going to take action, right?

The remainder of the video is about how the compounds quercitin and the different flavonoids have been proposed to alter the changes in physiology I talk about first part. I also discuss how I choose to incorporate these compounds into my whole food diet.  This part is actually pretty sweet: not only do I think these “remedies” are just a delicious way to eat, but they have effects much more far reaching than just your sugar intake (after all, that’s why I created Nutrient Boot Camp).

So this tale has a happy ending after all!

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