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In the final episode of the solo podcast of mindset ninja, FDN trained, holistic health coach and NLP trainer, Megan Blacksmith, she shares the process to pull up emotions to clear the big six. Anger, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt and shame. She also shares about how we can gain wisdom from the many events in our lives where these major emotions are tied to and understand it more deeply from a higher perspective.

Listen to this episode as Megan goes deeper into helping us understand our body, how it’s always giving us feedback and just giving and telling us clues as to what it needs and what to do next. And how all of this can help us become a better version of ourselves without having that constant nagging behind us.

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Megan Blacksmith

Hello, there we are at the end of my solo series. Ah, thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for all the love. If you’re just finding this, please go back to the beginning, to part one. Very important. And I don’t know if you can hear my voice I’m sure you can hear it’s a little bit different. Our breakthrough yesterday, I’m not the master practitioner training for NLP and Austin, the final of the three. And now that I am a trainer of NLP, and we did some intense work, including some primal screaming, some releasing of so much stuff, a different layer, I focused on family for this, often when I get the chance to work on things I tend to go towards, “Hey, let’s work on the business. Let’s work on my money beliefs.” Like the stuff that seems so fun, and surface. And often underneath that is like the deep relationship stuff, the family, the family bond, the family ties, anything there. And when we’re holding on to that stuff underneath, it will actually keep you from success. It won’t necessarily keep you from success. I should rephrase that. It will come keep you from success in a flowing easy, abundant way, you can hustle your way really to most anything and eventually that stuff will pop through. So really cool to break through. And really, this is like the culmination of this series. I personally just believe that what happened with me and my husband and just all the ups and downs we’ve been through and all the programs and things I found were leading me to this moment, because now, when I found that training, my very first NLP practitioner training, it really did shift the direction of my life, personally, and now professionally, because we have worked these tools into our trainings, and we are now certifying practitioners, ourselves. And I know from the seven day training that we did in Dallas, that this is exactly what I meant to be doing. It was so powerful, it was so amazing and beautiful to watch from the other side. People transforming and just like watching, you know, kind of in the beginning, as you’re getting pushed against and you’re like, right, like things are coming out, people are getting a little triggered a little frustrated, and you’re seeing it boiling and boiling and boiling. And I’m just standing there going, I really hope this process works. And then watching it come together day six, and day seven, and you see a new human in front of you. So so cute, cool. When I showed up to my seven day training, I was completely open to learn, I was open to everything. I like took all the notes. I did the exercises, all in full tilt, no holding back. I cleared the negative emotions around the event. So any resentment, any sadness, any anger, any fear. And then I collapsed the trigger that I had been linked to the phone. So the phone had been the way that I found out, as you all probably heard at the beginning of this series, that my husband was having an affair and that trigger of holding that phone in a very specific place. In your eyes’ view, then anytime I would, it’s going to be linked to that significant emotional event, I had a strong emotion. And so then anytime I pulled my phone up, even though it was for something else, it was for work, it was for fun, I would get that little bit of feeling like “Oh, I really don’t want to be on this.” And so I was able to collapse that trigger to the phone doesn’t do that to me at all. And I was able to integrate the part of me that felt I deserved a good relationship and the part of me that question that. And I got to the point I had fully forgiven my husband and I have. And he has forgiven me. And together we’ve forgiven ourselves and that totally set ourselves free. And I, we use the tools together. And he’s now done a seven day practitioner training as well. We use these tools together in real time. Something will happen and here it comes, it’s pulling up all my abandonment issues it’s kicked out of the tribe and we’re able in the moment to use quantum time technique and flow back to the event and get the wisdom and the learnings and my body thinks me every every day.

So I want to just share with you what we’ve seen over the years and why we’re now adding Neuro Linguistic Programming. What does that even mean? All you need to know is subconscious reprogramming. The idea that everything we everything is reprogrammable. We can reprogram all the beliefs that we created from zero to seven all the things that were formed after that. Anything that had a significant emotional tie to it. It’s going to be locked in to our nervous system and we can shift that. So over the years, as I learned more and more, right? In health, functional medicine, testing, bloodwork, lab work, nutrients, all that, detox, mold. I started to feel that I could help anyone in the very beginning, right? In the very beginning, I had just gone through my own health crash, I had come out of it, and I was like, I know what to do. And I did, I totally helped them, I applied all the basic principles that had completely turned around my health and the clients and it was it was fabulous. And then I said, “You know what I need to know more.” right? If I can get people this level of help. Now I need to know more. And at this point, I was going for more information, more knowledge, more details. Feeding my brain more from a I want to know things versus really change things or help people change. So more education, criss crossers adapt training, more Dutch training, neurotransmitter training, really learning how to understand blood panels, the gut test, and then I dug in deep into the mold and mycotoxin world and to get advanced classes and workshops and all the things and learning and learning and learning. And then, for a little while, I started to realize that the more you know, you’ve probably experienced this, the more you know, you realize you don’t know. And I started to go wow, health is actually really complicated. And can I help everyone that I thought I could?Right? I was starting to question whether I could help people as much as I thought because like, well, what if they had this really complex thing that they’re born with. That’s genetic and makes their blood do this and blah, blah, blah. And then after 10 years of working with clients, you see a pattern. Some of the people I worked with, for a long time, were not getting better, and they were the most compliant clients ever. The ones that said I can and will do anything. Will you tell me what to do? Anything I will do. Dr. Alex and I know these clients well because we were these clients. We were willing to do anything. To follow anything. And to follow it harder and longer. Dr. Alex did this with her chronic pain journey endometriosis, she did this with SIBO, one protocol after another after another. Now I did the same thing with my mold detox journey. And what will happen and what we watched and in ourselves and our clients is they will override their intuition. Their innate knowing what is best for their body at that time. And they will do another protocol, something another practitioner said they will do it harder, they will do it faster, they longer and better and more precise than anyone else. And Alex had taken protocol for SIBO, after SIBO after SIBO, like herbal antibiotics, the diet, you know everything, all the things and nothing worked. And same thing with the mold detox so not thrown her under the bus. Until one day, we both realized how much our mind was at play that our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and everything was greatly impacting our ability to get better. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t something we were doing to ourselves on purpose. Like if you could think differently, you would. It was programming there to protect us. Often programming get really young, zero to seven. And then that programming that once protected us is now running in the background and had become the thing that was hurting us. So for my mold journey, I felt deep down that I wasn’t worthy of healing. And actually, I also had a belief that health, stuff health problems made me a good practitioner. Because as I was sharing in the moment and the mold behind the wall and figuring out what to do with my body and detoxing and soldering and buying the best one and all that I documented it and everyone was engaged. And I got the feedback loop of “Oh, see when I have problems that really helps people.”

And I actually also got a lot of help from my family. My mom who downstairs, my husband and my family, my dad came in from out of town when this happened he’s like “Here, let’s do this. I can help you. We can take care of this. We can remotely renovate the house.” And

this was also conscious of course. And you see I had always loved the mindset work and I really do consider myself a mindset ninja. And as I just told you, in my mold story, I was really easily able to uncover for clients, that thing that was underneath It was happening, and become the master at connecting the dots as to why they were doing the patterns they were doing. What was it about? What were they looking for? Whose love were they craving and trying to get? What events are in their childhood? Was this person,was this event tied to or what person was it tied to? At the same time, I found that just finding the event or making that discovery, it wasn’t always enough to shift anything. Sometimes it was. Sometimes just knowing finding the connection and event was enough to change it for so many, but often, they’re like, “Okay, well, what now?” right? Like, cool. It’s linked to that thing that happened, it already happened. What now? Now, that was where subconscious reprogramming tools, and the power of words learned in neuro linguistic programming entered. Now I had the tools to actually shift the connections that we had made. And at some point, I had to sit down and I was like, okay, thoughts, beliefs and automatic programs that got me here are amazing, and they weren’t necessary, they kept me safe and they broke off a part of me so that trauma wouldn’t keep me paralyzed every single day. They helped me get love and attention from others when there was no other way to get it. And now, now I’m ready to decide what is programmed. Now what’s handed me, now when I got my default, now what the teachers, the mentors, the society said, what I want, and what I decide now as an adult. And we did, and I did this, and we do this every day for our clients. And you can do this. Not only do we do it every day, we’re teaching practitioners, doctors, coaches, people who want to be coaches, people who are, if you’re a parent, if you want to be a parent, these tools have been amazing with my children. And many of the practitioners who came to us for the week long training thought that they were coming for their business and for their clients and after one week left with an absolutely insane personal breakthrough, and not just health. There’s this crazy, crazy thing that happens when we remove ourselves from the environment for seven days, you can go so deep. Your subconscious knows you’re in a safe place. And when we hold that space, and we, Dr. Alex and I are constantly doing the work for ourselves because if we are going to get triggered by you getting triggered, we cannot hold your space. You know, as things were starting to boil up, and people are getting a little bit frustrated about different things in the training and it’s meant that way it’s meant to push you. It’s meant to push you into a new neurology, it’s meant to shift because if you want it to stay the same, you’re not going to come to the training, right? So as you get pushed, your brain is like new pathways, it doesn’t feel good, the brain pushes back, you go into your old patterns and strategies and habits and you get to see how you normally act and you get to see what comes up. And we kept holding the space saying we are, you are safe. And we’ve got you and we’ve got your freak outs. Because often what happens is people will go in to freak out. And then they’ll go into the shame of “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that I was mean to you. And then I yelled at you. And I’m sorry that I’m having this freakout.” And that’s all part of the process to pull up these emotions, because we clear the big six. So anger, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt and shame. Those are major emotions, tied to many, many events for people and they’ll create a gestalt where, you know, when you’re a baby, and you feel this frustration, you don’t quite have a label for yet for it yet with words. And over time, you have this feeling again and again and again and again and again and again. And you start to lump them all together. And eventually you get the word anger, frustration, whatever. And your brain attached that whole gestalt, that whole chain of feelings to that event. Or when we go back to the very earliest time that you felt that thing, the very earliest time and go ahead and gain wisdom from the experience and understand what it was from a higher perspective. Because often it’s when we’re really little, and we think maybe someone was trying to hurt us and really, they were changing our diaper, right? And we go back and we clear this. It’s this amazing thing where it’s almost like pulling this whole chain of events together. All of them are tied together. And yes, there may be specific really intense events in your life that also need some extra support to go back to that specifically, but overall going to the earliest one, you pull the chain, and this releases so much energy. You should have seen the difference in the people’s faces by the end of the week was we have released. Imagine running that program in the background, that little fear of that thing that happened at five in a two and at one and at 18 months and seven years old. These are running in the background. Because our brain is like we must hold on to this information to protect you and we’re able to categorize this into wisdom and learnings in a way that we do not no longer need to hold on to the emotion. It frees us up to go to create, to connect, to inspire to do other things with our life, to use that energy in a directed way. So this is again, it’s going to that what do I want? And what am I going to decide now as an adult, versus keeping that old programming just the way it is. And just the way it was because it was and it is and it was that way. I don’t know if you listened to Kylene and my interview yet but being able to see at the end of a week, where she believed she identified as a person with OCD and left the training and was able to set her bag down on the airport floor and didn’t wash her hands repeatedly. Like that is unheard of in one week. I watched a woman in my personal, my first training who stood up after a week and was able to read without her glasses, something that she had been working on all week because she knew deep down that she was actually, not her eyesight was getting worse and worse, because there was something in her life she didn’t want to see. Everything is a metaphor, our body is always just giving us feedback and telling us just giving us clues as to what it needed and what we can do next. And if we listen, it no longer needs to give us that nagging feeling, that pain. And we can step into the best coach, the best parent, the best entrepreneur, we don’t have that constant nagging behind us. And as you may also listen to Torea’s results in an earlier podcast and an interview where she had a snake and a spider, hers was the snake phobia used to leave her totally debilitated and frozen. And she was able to have a run in with me totally come not to mention people’s growth in their confidence, in their business and their interactions with other people. It was just an absolute honor to be offering this safe space to allow women to grow and transform, expand their toolbox, and then watch what they do to help others. And for me to be able to go home and use these tools in my kids and have my daughter who had been become really jumpy after me being away for a while. Right? And I was like “What’s going on?” Shoot, I knew, okay, she just needs mom. And it was it had been enough time and I calmed her nervous system. And she still was really jumping. But whenever there were loud noises. And I was able to use these tools in real time. And I was like, “Hey, Hey, babe, when did you decide that loud noises make you jump? And in that moment, she immediately was able to tell me, she was able to tell me the exact instant of what happened that she now felt she needed to jump. And that was all in her subconscious kids are so tapped in. I was like, alright, well, let’s go ahead and we use the process to go ahead and float back to the their event and get some learnings. And I then held on to her body and calmed her nervous system. We breathe together and I would hit the table to give her a little like, “All right, I’m gonna make a loud noise and you’re totally safe.” And we rewired that we collapsed that anchor for her. And we cleared and got the learnings from the actual event that was stressing her out. And within 10-15 minutes she was done. She had completely stopped jumping. And this is when I was like, “Oh my gosh, like if this is what this can do for a six year old in the moment. Every mom needs these tools.” Every partner, every coach every one. Imagine if we have the tools to actually feel our feelings instead of stuffed them. Because the stuffed feelings are the ones that turn into something in the body. And the things that we want to do that we don’t do, like the thing that we’ve always really wanted to create our start or build our business or create a podcast or write a book or help other people and there’s this little thing saying yeah, but you can’t do that. Every day, you know that you’re just not being the person that you’re meant to be and that pulls on us. There’s a difference between you and what you’re meant to be doing and what you’re doing every day and that difference, nags and you can feel it and it creates, your body will create something to tell you and wake you up and say “Hey, pay attention to me.” So we can go ahead and choose what we want to do and we can listen to ourselves and take action before we get the feeling in the body or we can be reactive, and just wait. I know what happens, it happens every time. My suggestion is to sit down and say, “What do I want?” Write it out? And then what am I going to do to get to be the person who has that thing? What is a person who has that? How do they live? What kind of neurology do they have? What beliefs do they have? What strategies do they have? You can elicit this and you can install them for yourself. If what I’m talking about is exciting to you, if you’d love to learn more, we would love love, love to have any and all of you join us in our in person training. We have one coming up in October, and then the next one will be end of April to May of 2023, please reach out. We’re happy to send you details. And if you know anybody else who’d be interested, please just share because this can be so impactful. When one person makes the difference. One person goes back and changes the genealogy. One person is willing to go back and do the work of all their ancestors and will actually shift in real time, epigenetics and what’s coming in the future and your children’s future. So amazing, so powerful. All right. Please reach out to us, we have our in person training coming up. We also have our 12 week online group for those of you who are ready to dip your toe in the water in that way. For those of you who feeling called to just live out more of your purpose. And you maybe you don’t even know what that is yet. Maybe your health has gotten better and better and better over time. Just like Dr. Alex and I and health is just no longer a thing and now you’re like what am I actually going to do with my life now that I don’t have to spend 90% of my day focused on my health. It’s an amazing place to be and knowing that now you can proactively go towards something you want. But instead of spending all that time just focusing on I hope the symptoms don’t go back. We love you all. Thank you. Thank you so much for listening to this series. I appreciate you. I appreciate the feedback and we’ll see you over on the gram.