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The word detoxing always seems to conjure up unsightly mental images of things-that-shall-remain-unnamed.

For that reason, and because I think the belief that the body needs some outside detoxing “reset” to work properly is incorrect, I’m not a believer in crazy detox programs.

However, I do believe in supporting your body—and specifically the liver—by giving it tools and materials to make all those detoxing reactions just a little bit easier.   This is especially true given that we are constantly exposed to a whole host of things that do just the opposite (plastics, pollution, preservatives…even endogenous hormones).

What follow are my top 5 favorite herbs to brew into a tea for liver function support.   They’re also a big part of my Nutrient Boot Camp (update: no longer a program!) since I believe teas have a powerful place in our quest for supporting our body’s biochemical reactions through nutrient density and variety.

However, I’m also more cautious with these teas over others because they are being used medicinally here.  With any of them, I am cognizant of how much I consume each day and the amount will vary for each person.

Side note:  No one should ever use herbs medicinally without the oversight of a practitioner.  They are powerful and shouldn’t be taken lightly! Also consult with your health care provider before starting something willy nilly. 

The Top 5 Teas I Use to Help My Liver Detoxify

  1. Dandelion Root
  2. Turmeric
  3. Peppermint
  4. Milk Thistle
  5. Burdock Root

Most of these teas have a powerful taste (because of the powerful compounds!) so they pair the best with neutral teas like green tea and black tea. (Bonus! Green and black teas are good sources of flavonoids, compounds that act as antioxidants and anti inflammatory modulators…just to name a few important functions.)