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We both have our go-to insta-calm tricks when anxiety and worry hits. And today, we wanted to share our 2 favorite tools with you!

You probably aren’t surprised by this but we’re 2 type A ladies.

That means that we’re exceedingly good at worrying ahead for the future! Really, really good.

And while good planning and hard work is the basis of all passionate endeavors, there’s also something to be said for not letting thoughts of the past or future derail you from your efforts.  (Unfortunately, we often end up being the worst enemies of ourselves!)

When you start interrupting learned patterns and fears with thoughts that put you in the driver’s seat, life seems a little less overwhelming.

So here goes:

To Start

Both of us find it really helpful to take 5 big deep breaths before trying to make the transition from being really stuck in a brain-torture-worry-loop mental scenario to letting go of the reigns a bit.

Those 5 breaths allow you to reconnect with who you want to be and who you are…not the version of yourself you put on for others.

Megan’s Approach:

Megan likes to mentally visualize the thought that is bothering her hovering about a big, sparkly, and clean river.  The thought goes into a little boat that gets sent peacefully down the river.  

It’s helpful to close your eyes and watch as this idea gets smaller and smaller into the distance.  You can send it anywhere where the thought will be safe until you’re ready to deal with it (or let it go).

Alex’s Approach:

Alex likes imagining herself as the Sun. All of her plans, responsibilities, and problems are floating around her as discrete planets. (For example, she has a work planet, a husband planet, a house planet, etc.)

When a worrisome thought or anxiety comes along, she envisions adding this idea to the appropriate “planet” that’s circling around her.  It’s still within her sphere of influence…but it doesn’t have to be a problem right this very minute.

Creating an easy way to mentally note and disassociate from an anxiety-inducing thought is crucial for your mental health!

It allows you to realize that you are not locked into believing every thought you have. You have the ability to consciously choose what you allow to marinate in your brain.

Little mind tools like this help you practice this very important skill of being present and appreciating what you have at this very moment.

It gets easier and easier every time you try!

Let us know how using these two tricks works in your life 🙂



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