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Happy New Year!

After a bit of a rocky 2017, we are both SUPER excited to get a fresh start. We imagine you feel similarly!

Now is a time for New Year’s Resolutions. There is a big push to “better” ourselves, often at the expense of what we REALLY want.

Let’s take weight loss for example, since many people choose that as their resolution material.

When What You Want Isn’t What You Think You Want

Few people actually want to “BE THIN.”

What most people actually want is to:

  • feel good in their body
  • to support their health for the long term, and
  • be able to enjoy their passions in life without being held back.

When you make “being thin” your goal, however, you lose the opportunity to have ALL OF THESE BENEFITS that you’re looking for during your actual journey.

Instead, most people beat themselves up with starvation and brutal workouts at the gym.  And when they DO get thin (or give up halfway through), the journey is so miserable that the end result isn’t all that satisfying when it comes.

(Both of us have a history of disordered eating, marathon running as a way to punish our body for food, getting scary good at limiting caloric intake. If you haven’t realized this already, take it from us that “getting to your goal weight” doesn’t make you any happier when you hate yourself. Re-read that sentence again if you need to.)

How You Can Approach Things Differently

What would life look like if you allowed yourself to feel good in your body, to support your health, and enjoy your passions while you go along the process?

We’re guessing the answer is similar in most people: they would actually enjoy the journey and beauty of their lives THE. WHOLE. TIME.

But that’s kind of scary for a lot of us, in a weird sort of way.

It’s easier–in a totally backwards sense–to be miserable and blame our external circumstances for our downfalls.

It’s easier to be along for the ride than leading the charge.

But a whole lot less satisfying.

This topic doesn’t seem at all related to our Wild Feminine Cycle Guide…but it is.

When we learn to listen and work with our innate and natural cycles, built-in ebbs and flows, and the non-constant reality of worldly existence (an oh-so-difficult lesson to learn for us Type A personalities), enjoying the PROCESS of life becomes infinitely easier.

This translates to the ability to connect to what we really want, make a plan for getting it, and then going out to do the work to make it happen.

(All the while taking time to redirect our course as necessary as we navigate the waters of life! That’s why there are built-in “down times” for all of us. What would not running around like a madwoman and constantly feeling behind on everything feel like?? It feels amazing, that’s how.)

So make sure to download the guide and get started on reading it!

You’ll be amazed at how different you (and your life) look in a cycle from now. And month by month, you’ll settle into a more authentic way of being.

Bonus: if you’ve been struggling with hormones for a while, living in tune with your inner environment is LIFE CHANGING. As women who have struggled with hormonal imbalances for a long time, this has been the best thing we’ve done for ourselves in a while!

Click here to get the Wild Feminine Cycle Guide


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