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Episode 11: Fish Oil, White Rice vs. Brown Rice, Potato Starch as Beauty Product

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Wellness Beets (2)

Updates from PaleoFx and Sustainability

Brittany spoke about her experience in land and water conservation and how it relates to her take on the paleo lifestyle. She talks all about picking organic product, how to make buying organic food more affordable, and the benefits of wild caught seafood/sustainably raised animals.  For help finding co-ops and CSAs in your area, check out

The PaleoFx speakers that talked about the topic of sustainability were Robb Wolf and Diana Rodgers.

Fish Oil:

We talked about this NY Times article about fish oil supplements. We also address the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids, balancing omega 3 to omega 6, and the best food sources of fish.

Here are Brittany’s Salmon Cake post, sardine recipes, and Spice Cajun Salmon Dip. Alex has her article on Why I Eat Sardines and Don’t Take Fish Oil, as well as a Paleo Tuna Salad recipe and an Autoimmune Paleo Tuna Salad Recipe

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil Interview:

Brittany did an interview with Archie Welch of Corganic, supplier of Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. They talk all about the benefits of cod liver oil, how they manufacture it, and why this cod liver oil is different from other brands. We both also recommend the Green Pastures brand.

Archie was kind enough to offer free shipping on their awesome cod liver oil.  Click here to pick up your bottle!

Listener Question – White Rice vs. Brown Rice

“I just found your podcast (well all podcasts actually) and love your approach to health and wellness.  I just listened to the first two so please excuse me if you talk about this later on.  But as you were speaking about what you eat, I wondered why white rice made the list…especially since brown rice and quinoa get a lot more ‘buzz’ for being healthier options?” Jennifer

We discuss why the fiber in the brown rice and quinoa can be problematic for people (especially if they have digestive problems) and how to prepare grains/pseudo-grains to make them more nutritious.

Soaked Bone Broth Rice

Sprouting Buckwheat Post

Beauty Tip:

Alex tells all about how this unusual kitchen staple is a major beauty multi-tasker. (And as a phenomenal source of prebiotics.)

DIY Extra Strength Deodorant

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