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Episode 16: Anemia, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products, and Natural Hydration

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episode 16


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The main thing to note with anemia is that it’s best to closely monitor your levels with a health care provider (every 3-6 months, or so).  For a complete list of iron food sources, which are usually more effective than supplements, this post has all the details. But for a non-constipating iron supplement source, iron bisglycinate is relatively easy on the GI tract.

Natural Cleaning Products:

We like having an arsenal of ingredients at home to use for everything which includes vinegars (apple cider vinegar or white), tea tree, oil, baking soda, witch hazel, borax, essential oils, dried lavender (for mothball prevention and as a dryer sheet replacement), Dr. Bronner’s castile soaps, and microfiber cloths.  Brittany loves these wool dryer balls for maintaining clothing new-ness.

Hydration Sources:

We love water with himalayan pink salt, coconut water, sparkling (mineral) water, and homemade gatorade mixes (like this one by Laura from  We also talk about considerations with water such as the sustainability factor, timing around meals, and our thoughts on alkaline water.

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