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Episode 19: Shakeology, Spirulina, Constipation, and Long Work Hours

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episode 19

Paleo Pizza

Heads up! Paleo Pizza is an amazing company that creates grain-free, dairy-free, and well-raised-meats pizza that are absolutely delicious! Pizza right to your door? Yes please! We’re both huge fans of the Supreme but all the flavors are delicious.

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Brittany: find out more about the Fermentation Workshop, happening on Sunday, July 12th in Brooklyn by contacting Brittany.

Alex: The adrenal and neurotransmitter health program is coming together! If you’re interested in learning more about the program and want to recieve FREE adrenal/hormonal health related content, click here to sign up for the emails.

Listener Questions:

Question #1 from Nicole:

Hello ladies,

I love, love, love your podcasts!  I listen to them on the way to work and they motivate me to have a healthy day. I have a few questions.  If you have already covered them, I apologize.

What are your thoughts on shakeology?  It is marketed as not another protein drink, but a “daily dose of dense nutrition.”  Is it really worth the $129 a month?

I’ve heard a lot about spirulina.  What are the benefits of it/is it worth trying?

This one is a little embarrassing, but I often have issues with constipation.  I eat minimal to no processed foods, take probiotics, and even monitor my fiber so I get 25-30 grams a day.  I’ve tried flax seeds and chia seeds, but nothing really seems to help.  Do you have any other natural suggestions?

Thanks again,


Question #2 from Stephanie:


Y’all rock. So happy that I found this podcast and also both of your websites. I hope you gals will be part of the Wellness Family Summit that Wellness Mama helps coordinate this year 🙂

I have a two part question that I would LOVE to hear your advice on:

I am a NICU nurse and work long 13-14 hours days. Alex, I don’t know how you do what you do, but you rock it girl! I typically work 4 days a week  (not necessarily in a row) and have 3 days off. Any advice on how to balance exercise and keeping my energy levels up? My unit is in the middle of the hospital with NO windows. Vit D supplementation definitely happens. My afternoon slumps kill me! I feel like I am healthy half of the week and feel pretty junky while I’m working.

If you guys could do a segment on hormonal health and what that looks like in correcting the complex infrastructure that is so easily out of whack…that would be great! I don’t have babies yet, but would LOVE to have some steps to be taking now to get everything in sync. (Endometriosis, awful periods, PMS symptoms and all sorts of fun things 🙂



Brittany has an amazing pickling tutorial for how to pickle for probiotics. Alex has this easily-modifiable homemade sauerkraut recipe and kombucha tutorial.

I like this spirulina powder from Mountain Rose Herbs. In addition to putting it into smoothies, I like to use it in my Super Green Deeping Cleaning Face Mask, especially as part of my pore cleaning 3 step program.

8 Tips for Relieving Constipation

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