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Episode #20: Potatoes, Rice, Travel Beauty and Barefoot Walking

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episode 20

News & Updates

Brittany – Pickling Workshop – Saturday July 18

Alex’s updates on the Adrenal Health and Neurotransmitter Program

Paleo Gray Area Foods 

We talk about our approaches to potatoes, rice, legumes, dairy.  We go into our decision making algorithms and how we think about these foods in the setting of a healthy, whole food diet. Additionally, we address the role of elimination diets with thee foods, the spectrum of dairy products, and the importance of carbohydrates for women.

Travel Beauty Approach

We try to consolidate and repurpose products as much as possible. Brittany travels with a large reusable water bottle that doubles as a source of hydration and for beauty routine help.  She also uses coconut oil for both a body moisturizer and make up remover. Alex’s favorite multi-purpose products includes soap bars (see list below), ACV (for conditioner, toner, and drinking!), and shea butter.

Alex’s favorite soaps:

Chandrika Soap

Kiss My Face Coconut Oil Soap

JR Liggett Shampoo Bar

Barefoot walking and hard surfaces

We discuss transitioning to barefoot-friendly shoes, problems with constantly walking on a hard/flat surface, and how to work around limitations in your environment.

Katy Bowman’s shoe suggetions

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