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Episode 25: Workout Recovery and Buying Natural Beauty Brands

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News & Updates

Brittany – NYC Food Bloggers Meet-up – Potluck Picnic this Saturday, August 22nd in Brooklyn

Alex – Megan of and I justed released a free Toxic Home Makeover 29 page e-book! If you’re looking to revamp your home and make it more chemical free, this is definitely a good place to get a step by step plan for doing exactly that.  

We’re going to have Megan on the show next week to answer any and all questions you have about adrenal and hormonal health.  So if you’ve been wondering something, make sure to email us at!

Workout Recovery

We really get into the nitty gritty of workout recovery!  We begin by discussing how to prioritize strenuous activity versus getting more rest and discuss how we go about choosing our workouts based on these concepts.  We also share our thoughts on how to fuel well after a workout, including our timeframes for pre- and post-workout meals. 

We mention these protein products:

Store Bought Natural Beauty Products

We answer this question we got over on Instagram from Monique:

“Besides DIYing, what brands of natural beauty products, lotions, and makeup do you recommend?”

We discuss our daily skin care routines and those things we do for our skin on an extra special basis.  We talk about our favorite products and how we go about using them.

Products we mentioned:

And (of course!), Alex couldn’t stop from getting into some DIY details so if you’re interested, check out the DIY section on DigPrimal.

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