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Episode #33: Cold and Flu Remedies, Hand Sanitizer, and Egg Alternatives

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Cold and Flu Remedies

With winter approaching, cold and flu season is right around the corner (especially if you have kids!), so we discuss all the remedies we use for ourselves when we’re coming down with illness.  We talk about everything for neti pots to nasal steam baths to oil of oregano to rock-star herbs that help you decongest and decrease the length of your symptoms.  


Natural Remedies for Fighting the Flu

Ginger and Lime Cold Fighting Tea

Brittany’s Bone Broth Recipe

Alex’s Bone Broth Recipe

Cold and Sinus Infection Clearing Oregano Oil Steam Bath

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Alex shares her favorite homemade hand sanitizer recipe. To get the full scoop, you can find the recipe by clicking here.  While she has to use the official hand sanitizer at work because of the regulations, she uses this version while traveling, at the store, and other germy places to cut down on her toxin/chemical exposure on a regular basis.  We also discuss how hand sanitizer fits into the general model of germ exposure and its link to the immune system.  

Egg Alternatives

Brittany discusses several different egg alternatives that can revolutionize your paleo baking world if you can’t enjoy eggs right now.  She talks all about the flax seed and gelatin…and how to use them to substitute out the occasional egg in your baked goods.

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