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Episode 40: Trigger Foods, Eating Disorders, and Inaccurate Nutrition Labels

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News & Updates

Brittany talks about her adventures in Local Eats Project (and since it’s still the holidays, don’t forget about her Dairy-Free Eggnog video).  Alex chats about her and Megan’s (of GingerNewtrition) new Detox Skin Care Guide coming out January…keep an eye out on Instagram for free content all about that!

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Trigger Foods and Eating Disorders

We revisit our previous discussion of the 21 Day Sugar Detox and how we do with food challenges.  We end up talking about food deprivation, having treats during the holidays, and how trigger foods can set us off.  We also talk about Brittany’s history of having an eating disorder and how that has changed her approach to food in general.


The Nutrient Boot Camp

The Wahl’s Protocol

Nutrition labels

We talk about errors that can often occur when it comes to protein and fiber in packaged foods. Brittany reveals how these values are measured in the food and why problems arise with these testing measures.  She also talks about this interesting rat study: Food Texture Differences affect Energy Metabolism in Rats.  We also mention the importance of going back to the ingredient label.

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