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Wellness Beets – Episode 8: Elimination Diet, Natural Movement, Exercise, and Breakfast Foods

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Elimination Diets:

Alex and Brittany share their experiences with elimination diets. We discuss common restrictions like eggs, dairy, nightshades, nutes, legumes, FODMAPs, gluten, and dairy.  We also discuss special alterations, such as the autoimmune protocol (Sarah Ballantyne’s work), Terry Wahls protocol, and Nutrient Boot Camp.

(Alex’s note: I have lots more information on what I generally eat/how I approach food and how I used paleo as an elimination diet.)

Natural Movement:

Natural Movement is the practice of moving your body in a way that helps you to get things done in your life.  A different way to say it is “functional movement”…an example is squatting to pick up something off the ground but doesn’t incorporate squatting 200 times as a means to work out.  Brittany and Alex talk about the value of incorporating natural movement into everyday life and how doing some of these activities in nature can be dually beneficial.  We both love Katy Bowman for more information on this topic, and we reference her book about foot health.

Also discussed are all the consideration that go into working out when a person is dealing with adrenal fatigue…and especially the concept of “earning the right to work out”.  This includes a discussion on yoga, running, and long walks.

Breakfast Foods

We talk about why breakfast food is one of the hardest parts of the whole food diet to change. It’s hard to move away from foods that are sweet and carb loaded…but our major takeaway is to look at breakfast like you would lunch or dinner.  We both eat plenty of protein, veggies, safe starches, and fats to keep us full and satiated all the way until lunch time.

Here’s a guide to building a better breakfast plate.

Our favorite breakfast dishes:

  1. Oatmeal alternatives
  2. Pumpkin Breakfast Mash
  3. Spaghetti Squash and Cranberry Mash
  4. Salted Caramel Faux Latte

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