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This blog post was a joint effort for both of us. Even though we want to address the topic of Beautycounter in this post, we’re going to be talking about much more than that.

In this post, we discuss everything from finding our life purpose to the long term impact we want to leave on the world long after we’re gone.

So how do we make the jump from Beautycounter to Life Purpose??

Read on to find out.

We just recently started working with a business coach and he had a lot of hard questions for us upfront.

Why do we do what we do?  

What is our mission and deepest purpose?   

Who do we hope to help and what impact are we looking to make?

Turns out, our passions range from the nitty gritty understanding of messenger signaling cascades in the body that govern the balance of hormones and our detoxification capacities to making big changes to the toxicity of our modern environment through political action.

These are all lofty goals and we realized that the two of us can only focus on so much in our business and in our lives.

While we’ve re-established that our overall goal is to help women naturally balance their hormonal cycles, we noticed that some of our related passions are actually ALREADY being supported by other people doing amazing things in the world.

Since we talk about minimizing exposure to toxic chemicals as part of both our Love Your Liver Detox and our Healthy Hormones Group Program, we set out to work with companies helping women make this really easy.

What we found was even better! And helps us fulfill some of our other goals in life.

On a much bigger level, we want to live in a world where women can understand whether a food or product is safe for them to use by looking at the label without having a chemist degree.  

Or even better, a world where they don’t have to read every label on their shampoo or food just to know if it is safe.  

A world where the laws and manufacturing restrictions keep not only our food, skincare and cleaning products safe but also our water, our soil and our air.

We are not so proud that we find a need to reinvent the wheel, and thankfully there is a company who has already taken the bull by the horns to put these changes into place.

Enter Beautycounter.  

Thank goodness! Because we have never been very active in politics, and politics is where this change is going to have to take root.

As well stated by Gregg Renfew, the founder of Beautycounter:

“This isn’t a make up issue, or even a women’s health issue. This is an American health issue and it needs to be addressed immediately”.

Why are so many people sick with cancer, heart disease, and rampant autoimmunity?  

Why do our kids and our children’s friends all have allergies, eczema, asthma and other conditions that were unheard of when we were kids?

We realize that we have a bigger problem on our hands than trying to get individual families to upgrade their morning breakfast and drink lemon water.  

We have seen more and more women and practitioners who are “doing everything right” and still end up with cancer, autoimmunity, inability to get pregnant and more.

How is it that these women who are eating an organic whole foods based diet, prioritizing sleep, stress management and exercise, and avoiding known carcinogens, plastics, chemicals and toxins are still as sick as they are?  

What gives?

Would you ever have thought to check your shampoo for formaldehyde releasing chemicals? Or lead in your lipstick? Or carbon black, a suspected carcinogen, in your nail polish?

We know we wouldn’t have.

Unfortunately, even if you aren’t consuming food laden with pesticides or beef pumped with hormones or using products with known carcinogens or not, the byproduct of manufacturing these practices will end up in our water source and our soil.  

If you think that you will not be affected by this, think again!

We vote with our dollars.  Let’s make our money work for us.  

This is why we are proud to partner with Beautycounter.  Not only are we happy to use the products that make our hair beautiful and our eyelashes long, we are excited to know that they have our back.

The US has not passed a major federal law to regulate the ingredients in personal care products since 1938!!  But we are happy to know that Beautycounter is working tirelessly and we don’t have to analyze every single ingredient.  

The Beautycounter “Never List” includes around 1500 potentially harmful ingredients!

Wouldn’t that be nice to not worry about?

Megan’s skincare, makeup and shampoo were the absolute last thing that she upgraded in her life.  

Now knowing what we do now, with so many endocrine disruptors (think messing up your hormones and your thyroid health!) and estrogenics (think substances that cause you to have excess estrogen or estrogen dominance, leading to PMS, fatigue, hair loss, weight gain and decreased sex drive!), that is what she would have started with.  

And she wishes she hadn’t wasted her time with homemade mascara that clumped and flaked off on her face.

Alex is the DIY queen, but let’s be real, sometimes we ain’t got time for that! (This message was approved by Alex 🙂 )

Since we have been personally using Beautycounter  products for the last year, we can both vouch for the fact that not only are Beautycounter products high performance and look gorgeous, they also last a super long time!  Alex is still using the same foundation from 6 months ago and it’s showing no signs of quitting!

If you want to join the movement, there are two ways to make a difference:

1) Are you a female who uses skincare products, shampoo or lotion? Do you have kids that you worry about their exposure to chemicals for?  Start shopping here to support the cause.

2) Are you a health coach, functional practitioner, or mama on a mission who wants to impact things on a national level? Help spread the word about what Beauty Counter is doing by signing up here and choosing us (HealthyGinger, I know, I know still trying to change to ZestyGinger!) as your mentor.

We can’t wait to see how our world changes with this new movement! Long live a cleaner world for us all to enjoy.


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