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What does a healthy woman who understands her body look like?

A healthy woman who understands her body is a lady who knows how her body communicates with her and what it needs with these signals.  A healthy woman isn’t afraid of her body and what it does. She knows that the body experiences ebbs and flows and requires periods of rest and well-planned action.  

She’s someone who knows how to roll with the punches of life and still make sure her reserve tanks are continually refilled.

She knows what makes her happy and fulfilled at the deepest levels; she uses these desires and self-direction to live her life to the fullest.

A healthy woman knows how to set appropriate boundaries and speaks up when these lines are crossed.  She doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. Instead, she knows how to channel her gifts to make her world a better place and acknowledges her well-deserved shortcomings.

A healthy woman knows that testing is better than guessing; she’s gotten rid of her ineffective supplement graveyard and has a full toolkit of remedies that work for her own unique constitution.

A healthy woman is healthy inside and out, mentally and physically, spiritually and practically.

It is with this healthy woman in mind that we want to approach the following articles on common hormonal imbalances.

THIS IS OUR GOAL FOR YOU. (And all the ladies out there!)

We want you to understand your body so well that you are no longer fearful of what comes up for you, but can instead marvel at the body’s infinite intelligence and powers of healing.

Up next, we start with the most common hormonal imbalance we see: estrogen dominance. But don’t worry if this isn’t you, estrogen deficiency, progesterone issues, and other common problems are up next!

Let’s do this.


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