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We are no strangers to super weird topics on this blog.  From cupping to energy work, we’re checked out and explored all sorts of alternative healing modalities. Its the perk of being a health provider!

Today, we’re going to be broaching another taboo subject: vaginas.


It’s actually a little crazy that any part of the natural body is considered taboo.  If this is a concern you struggle with, repeat after us: “my vagina is a beautiful part of who I am.” Now keep saying that on a daily basis until it sinks in!

The reason we’re talking vaginas today is because we recently tried out a little contraption called “yoni eggs”. Or as we like to call them: “vaginal weights”. Ha!

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Jokes aside, “vagina weights” end up being a pretty accurate way to describe these little stones.  Yoni eggs are inteded to help you strengthen and take care of your pelvic floor in a fun and instructional way.

The pelvic floor is responsible for our ability to go to the bathroom without losing control of our urine/bowels accidentally, helping us keep our internal organs inside our bodies the way they should be, have great sex, and birth babies.  So the health of your pelvic floor ends up being a huge deal!

Kegels have become increasingly popular as a way to tone the pelvic floor (think back to that Sex and the City episode where Samantha is like, “I’m doing mine right now.”)

So do you really NEED vagina weights when you can just do regular kegels?

The short answer is actually no. You don’t need yoni eggs. You can do kegels for free anytime and anywhere.  But we find that the ritual of things becomes important in establishing healthy routines.

The prettiness of the stones that make up the yoni eggs make doing the exercises more special and it begins to feel a lot more like a self-care ritual that a daily chore. (It’s especially fun when you combine them with another self-care practice like taking a nice relaxing bath!)

Yoni eggs are also helpful because they assist in ensuring you’re doing kegels correctly.

Kegels are an extensive subject, so before you go out and run to get a set of yoni eggs, make sure you read this article about glute activation and kegels by Katy Bowman. (There are also some interesting point in this article by The Wellness Mama about how it totally depends whether or not kegels are right for you, although we don’t agree with everything she says.)

But it can also be really easy to get overzealous and end up causing yourself some pain with overdoing it on the yoni egg exercises. Tight and sore muscles are weak muscles…so start with the biggest yoni egg you have in your set and work up repetitions slowly over time.

We’re also going to throw out the idea that yoni eggs can actually be super FUN. They can be used as a fun adjunct to your bedroom activities with your partners or alone.

Have fun and be safe– which is the best way to get into a habit and keep it up!

Buy emerald yoni eggs here if you’re ready to try out this crazy little trend 🙂

(PS: they don’t have to be emerald. If you’re into crystals, you can pick yoni eggs made from the crystals that resonate with you the best.)