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Food intolerances and elimination diets are a big topic in the Paleo/Whole Food Community.  And with good reason, too!  So many people (including myself!) have noticed astounding health improvements from identifying and removing certain foods for their diet.  For me, it has been truly life-changing (no more chronic abdominal pains, better digestion, and improved energy levels…just to name a few things!)

But I think an important component that is missing in our discussions is a focus on what we CAN (and most likely should, if tolerance allows!) be eating.

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Nutrient density is vital to not just attempting to get rid of health problems but to live a life where we thrive and feel our very best! The body runs on nutrients…and properly fueling all the processes in our body means that our body can do what it was so amazingly designed to do!

The Problem

In this video, I discuss what I consider to be the most nutrient dense foods available.  But I focus especially on phytonutrients–nutrients found in plants–because, while we all know that we should be eating them, it so often happens that we find all sorts of excuses not to do it!

And I totally get it.  It’s so very easy to get in a rut with eating the same fruits and veggies over and over again.  When I talk to folks, a lot of them estimate that they eat about 15 of the same plants on a regular basis.

It’s easier to walk into the store and get the things you know how to cook…it takes time to learn how to prepare new ones!  And in the process, so often we let our new-found veggies go bad in the fridge before we get around to figuring out how to prepare them!

There is also a component of getting used to the taste of new fruits and veggies. And it helps to have a guideline for how to get around this super common issue.

What You’ll Get

Now that we know what we’re up against, we can get down to what you’ll find in the video below. And what we’ll be talking about in future videos.

This video goes through in great detail about nutrient density, the importance of plant matter in the diet, and what I focus on when it comes to filling my plate for the day.

In future videos, I’ll be discussing how to get over the common stumbling blocks to eating more of these nutrient dense foods, which includes Vegetable and Fruit Storage, Nutrient Loss Rates In Plants, Strategies for Trying New Things, and Building New Habits.

The Video

Make sure you check out my super detailed post on all the things I do eat and all the things I don’t eat.

Up Next:

Watch out for the next several upcoming videos that cover these important topics:

1. Vegetable and Fruit Storage

2.Nutrient Loss Rates In Plants

3. Strategies for Trying New Things

4. Building New Habits