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If you’ve read about syncing with your cycle and have said “Heck yes!” to living more in touch with your feminine body, you may be wondering how you can take your health to the next level and work with us further.

Understanding Root Causes and the Importance of Lab Work

We also understand, however, that it can be hard to change your mindset when there are underlying physical issues going on.

For example, Megan experienced crazy-intense anxiety when she was postpartum with her first child…and her neurotransmitter and hormone labs totally reflected WHY she was feeling so anxious in the first place.

It’s easy to feel like you’re crazy when your regular MD is telling you your labs are “fine” and that there’s no reason to have the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Let us tell you this now: you’re NOT crazy! It IS real. And in every single woman we’ve ever worked with, the functional lab work accurately reflects the symptoms each lady deals with on a daily basis.

Besides that “aha!” moment that lab work can bring, there are many other benefits to finding out exactly what is going on. To read our full explanation of why we do functional lab work for the women we work with, check out our philosophy on getting lab work.

To help women balance hormones within the structure of their feminine cycle, we use the DUTCH hormone test–DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones–and neurotransmitter tests.

We prefer the DUTCH test over other tests because we feel that it gives the most amount of detailed information and helps us not only understand what is happening with all of the important hormones of the body, but also how they are being produced, metabolized, processed, and eliminated. That’s whole lot of info that we can create personalized protocols from!

However, we don’t consider our testing complete unless we have also taken a detailed look at the signal that the hormonal system is getting from the central nervous system.  You could supplement with sex hormones for a lifetime with hormonal imbalances but the issue will never resolve if the endocrine system is constantly receiving distress signals from the brain and spinal cord. To learn about how this system is working, we get saliva neurotransmitter levels at the same time as the DUTCH test.

We do all of the above testing inside our Healthy Hormones Group Program.

This is our 3 month course where we teach each individual woman how to create the toolbox she needs to navigate our complex lives in a graceful and healthy manner. We run this group 2 times a year and spots are limited so make sure to contact us if you’re interested in getting this type of testing done.


Interested in our transformation accelerator coaching Program?

Let’s get started…



Email us at and we would love to hop on a call with you!

Who want to do less and get better results?

What if you could continue to follow the protocol that you are ALREADY on and get BETTER results?

What if you aren’t missing any information, it is just time to take what you know deep inside, and APPLY it?

What if the only thing stopping you from reaching your goal was your belief that you could have it and the habits to back it up?

Our clients have been asking us how we continuously up-level our health, our business and our beliefs.

So we have designed a brand new program (this is the founder’s group!) that will teach you the EXACT process that we use whether our goal is to optimize our hormones, or we want to hit a goal in our business.   

As founding members, we are going to work very closely together over 8 weeks. Each week we will share one of the 7 steps in our signature process to reach any goal you desire. 

PLUS live weekly coaching calls allowing for  customization of what you learned to your specific needs. 

Getting Out of Fight or Flight

Want to get out of fight-or-flight so that you can heal your body and step into living the life you’ve been planning for? There’s never been a better time than NOW to re-wire your brain for feeling calm and in control, no matter what your external circumstances are right now! 



We developed this program for women of all ages who feel that they are stuck in a fight-or-flight mode.  Whether it’s panic attacks that sideline your life, mood swings that impact your most important relationships, or constantly feeling frazzled and out of control…this program will help you transform. The reality is, there is a lot you can do to support your body. You just have to know the right steps to take in the right order! 

Getting out of flight-or-flight doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. We’ve distilled the exact steps that have worked for us and for the 1,000+ ladies we’ve already helped to make it super simple for YOU to get the help you need.  Yes, you CAN heal and no, it doesn’t have to be super painful!

Join us, you’ll be feeling way more in control by the time the 90 days are done.

Honoring Your Wild Feminine Side

To get everything you need to learn and apply tour unique 4 Phase Cycle approach, start by downloading our Wild Feminine Cycle Guide.

It breaks down each of the 4 phases into easy, concrete steps that allows you to transform your health without becoming overwhelmed. You’ll also get a series of helpful emails as a follow up the guide which will provide you with everything from elixir recipes to cheat sheets on living your best life.



Have questions for either one of us? Email us! We are always happy to help you become more comfortable and less fearful of your body.

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We want to see you living out your passions in the world instead of struggling to make it through your day!